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            Dongguan PengHang electronic technology Co., LTD. Is integrated with research, development, production, sales and service into an integrated connector suppliers. The company mainly rf coaxial connectors, computer connectors, cell phone connector, it mainly other electronic products, which are widely used in mobile communication, microwave, telecommunications equipment, computer, TV, mobile phones, cars and other areas, many manufacturers won the trust and praise, and already entering international market successfully.

            The company is people-oriented, and constantly network, training the specialized talented person, the introduction of advanced mechanical equipment and high precision detection equipment, actively promote the ISO9001:2000 quality assurance system, and has formed the perfect quality management system, make the product quality and service, far above counterparts to international standards to move forward.

            Good quality from our management of innovation; Satisfactory service from brand management concept. PengHang technology Co., LTD will always adhere to the quality of product quality as a fundamental, satisfied after-sales service for the center. In line with 'high quality, pragmatic, innovation and dedication,' the spirit of enterprise to provide customers with satisfactory products and service, we sincerely welcome your visit and cooperation!

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