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             RF Coaxial Connectors
             Computer connector
             Dc jack connector
             Earphone jack conn.
             Optical fiber connector
             Mobil phone connector
             Memory Card Slot
             Board to board connector
             Terminal blocks
             Switch connector
             XLR connector

            Item No.:
            Item No.:SDVI-31MO-01
            Spec.:DVI 30+1P MALE SOLDER CONN.
            Item No.:PJSP-02
            Item No.:SDVI-35MO-01
            Spec.:DVI 30+5P MALE SOLDER CONN.
            Item No.:US3.0-AMS-03
            Spec.:USB 3.0 AM 打線式
            Item No.:SDVI-35FL-01
            Spec.:DVI 30+5P FEMALE RA DIP CONN.
            Item No.:SDVI-35FD-01
            Spec.:DVI 30+5P ST DIP CONN.
            Item No.:MUSB3-BFT-02
            Spec.:MICRO USB 3.0 BF DIP+SMT CONN.
            Item No.:SIM10-01
            Spec.:sim 8+2p
            Item No.:US3.0-AMS-01
            Speci."USB 3.0 AM SOLDER CONN.
            Item No.:MUSB3-AMS-01
            Speci."MICRO USB 3.0 AM SOLDER CONN.
            Item No.:MMCX-J01
            Item No.:MUSB-10F-2
            Speci."Mini-USB 0.8P 10P SMT沉板1.0
            Item No.:MUSB-10F-1
            Speci."Mini-USB 0.8P 10P SMT
            Item No.:MUS3-BMS-01
            Speci."MICRO USB 3.0 BM SOLDER CONN.
            Item No.:US3.0-AMS-03
            Speci."USB 3.0 AM 打線式
            Item No.:BNC1R-01
            Speci."bnc 白膠
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